Silverado contributes to US coal-to-liquids study - 23rd March '06'
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In response to the requests of several Congressmen and Senators, Silverado Green Fuel Inc. has submitted technical data on its Low-Rank Coal-Water Fuel (LRCWFuel) – Hydrothermal Treatment process to the US Departments of Energy and of Defense. This submission will be reviewed and considered for inclusion in the current coal-to-liquid fuel study being conducted by the US Government. The study, which will analyze coal-to-liquid fuel technologies currently available, was mandated by an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill passed by Congress last December. The purpose of the study is to require the preparation of a development plan for a national coal-to-liquid fuels programme.

“We are pleased to be able to supply the information relevant to our Green Fuel Project. While we realize the generally accepted definition of coal-to-liquid fuels refers to the synthetic fuels that are derived from gasification of coal, our product provides immediate entrée into the marketplace by providing fuel for oil-fired boilers. LRCWFuel also provides an ideal feed stock to create synthesis gas for the Fischer-Tropsch production of synthetic fuel. We continue to work closely with Congressmen and Senators from several states and are very near to realizing our initial goal of a Commercial Demonstration Facility,” said Garry Anselmo, Chairman and CEO of Silverado Green Fuel.

Anselmo continued, “In fact, since last summer we have been in confidential negotiations with a government entity and are now in the process of finalizing the agreement between ourselves and that party. This agreement will enable the immediate start of ground breaking on the United States’ first LRCWFuel Commercial Demonstration Facility. This is truly an exciting time for those who have worked diligently and waited patiently to see this project become a reality. ”

The Byrd Amendment (named after Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia) required the study be completed 90 days after passage of the bill. If the timeline is adhered to, the conclusion of the study is imminent. “We are hopeful that the study will be made available to the public by late spring,” commented Anselmo. “If the findings are published by then, it will coincide with the anticipated joint announcement of the long-awaited Silverado-Government agreement regarding the LRCWFuel Commercial Demonstration Facility.”